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Actually have been idle for some days without thinking about any update but surprisingly, one of my source from telegram group introduced me to GoMoney app.

He have been testing the GoMoney app for 2 good days to verify its legibility and validity but me myself  later came up with a positive answer.

Proved ..

The referred person who deposited the N1,000

Up above are my two accounts on GoMoney I used to test the referring stuff. I deposited N1,000 and got N500 as referral bonus.

The money  gotten after referring.

Before we proceed let talk about what 
GoMoney app is still under development at the time of this post but all necessary features has been integrated on the app but has not been launched officially.

Furthermore, GoMoney is an internet banking app designed to manage your business account better and stay on top finances. In fact, It’s a bank!

There are a lot of underdeveloped features on GoMoney because the app is still on the “unreleased” state and they are: Spliting of bills between friends, sending money to loved ones using a link and you can schedule payment as well.

You can request money from anyone, send money to anyone, pay utility bills, cardless withdrawals, instant notifications, free transfers [go-to-go] and splitting of tabs and bills to ease costs.

Additionally, you can buy data or airtime for yourself from the app. It’s instantaneous and handy.

Their referral system is awesome. For every person you refer to GoMoney mobile app and if the person deposits N1,000 to the app, you will get N500.

Hold on! I’m not done!

The person can withdraw back his N1,000 but due to transaction charges, he or she will be able to withdraw back N992 as shown below:

That means the referred person only paid up to N7 to activate his or her account.

For more clarification, assuming I refer you to GoMoney app and you deposited N1,000 to the app, I will get N500 for referring you. You can later withdraw it back.

If you refer 20 more people to the app, you will get a whopping N10,000.

Isn’t that awesome? Sure, it should.

STEP 1: Install GoMoney Mobile App from here and launch the app.

STEP 2: Then, enter your mobile number for registration and a code will be sent to you, verify the OTP code.

STEP 3: Once done, input your email address and accept all terms and conditions.

STEP 4: Fill the details and input REFERRAL CODE. Use this number 07066670798 as your referral code, as shown below:

STEP 5: Now, input other necessary details and choose your gender (male or female).

STEP 6: Once done, create a 4-digit unique code that will help you in every of your activities on the app, especially transactions.

STEP 7: You can now proceed to set security questions as you have successfully created a GoMoney account.

Yes, you can withdraw the money to your bank account by tapping on the “SEND MONEY” option, then choose your bank name and input your bank account transfer details for instant transfer.

There’s no other way to withdraw. Gomoney only supports Nigeria bank transfer method. Maybe other countries would be supported as time goes on.

To deposit money, simply tap on “FUND” button at the upper right side of the app. You can then choose to fund your GoMoney account from your bank or by using ATM card method.

Isn’t it awesome?

On the navigation buttons at the bottom of the app, tap on “PROFILE” and choose the “INVITE FRIENDS” option and copy the referrals link to clipboard.

And the number you used in registering for GoMoney app is your referrals code. For example, this my number which is my referrals code 07066670798.

Kindly tell the person you are referring to input it while they are registering new account on Gomoney app.

NOTE: The deposited N1,000 is for your GoMoney account activation. You are free to withdraw it back so that you can start referring and earning as well.

Do you have any other questions or something you are doubting of ,don't existent to use the comments box below these post Enjoy.
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How to Get 8000 From 1000 Naira ₦(1k for 8k)

How to Get 8000 From 1000 Naira ₦(1k for 8k)

*Alitech Loom*Join the 1k investment 💹.

 _Simply make your 1k to become 8k_

So what Are you waiting.. Use below link 🔗 to join or click here to join 

*Note: No time to west And Stop doubting of it, join and watch how things Go on there*

Caution ⚠️it's of No Scam ❌.

How it works .

🇱‌🇴‌🇴‌🇲‼ ‌ 🇱‌🇴‌🇴‌🇲‼


It is quick and easy .
Assuming you invest 1k to the person that is in A and the person in A will get a total of 8k from 8 persons when others alphabet pay their 1k too. 

After you must have made the payment of 1k to A, your name will be added to an alphabet accordingly( best on first come first serve). 

When your name get to alphabet A, others pays to you, then you get 8k too.

It is so fast and easy, in just 24 hours you get 8k by just investing 1k.

If we can make the group active. Everyone can get 8k within some hours and recycle with 2k to get 16k respectively. 

It's no scam. Loom is rampant. Almost everyone are into it. 

The Admin would handle things with transparency. Feel like inviting your friend to join the investment use thesehttps://chat.whatsapp.com/CynAwQ9k4X96CAT7E8ybxz link to Add them up .
How to Use Any Trial Software Forever Free Using Time Stopper

How to Use Any Trial Software Forever Free Using Time Stopper

How to Use Any Trial Software Forever Free Using Time Stopper [Guide][FIXED]

You always wanted to use any trial software for free, but for that you had to find a Crack for it on internet, but if you failed then you weren’t able to use the trial software any more. But now, it’s possible !!

Time Stopper let you run Trial Softwares forever without expiration If you don’t have enough trial period of any trial version software you can extend the trial period using Time Stopper.

How it Works ?

Function of the time stopper is to change the date and time by entering into the software. For this reason time stopper will extend the trial period of the program for an unlimited amount of time.

Time Stopper will not modify the time and date of the operating system.
RUN AS DATE will not convert your trial version software to full version but it will let you use your trial version software lifetime.
BUT We recommend you to buy the software which you like. Time Stopper is a free software.

It is easily installable.

Time Stopper are not damaging any file.

It will not modify the time and date of the operating system.

Run trial software without expiration.

Anti virus can’t detect or blocked Time Stopper 4.0 as a virus.

How to Use ?
Or make search on it from Google and download .

User left click on “Browse… (push button)” in “Time Stopper”. Browse your installed trial version software in –> windows drive >> Program Files         >> then find out your installed trial version software and choose that .exe file which will run your program.

Now choose a date.This new date should include within trial period of the trial version software. We recommend to select tomorrow as the date.

Now you will able to create a desktop shortcut for future use. To create a desktop shortcut type the shortcut name and click on create desktop shortcut and use these shortcut to open the trial version software.

Note: After patching the trial version software by using Time Stopper, you must always use the desktop shortcut which created by Time Stopper to open that software otherwise the trial will end instantly.

Thanks All Enjoy Hope it work for you ,like Remember to share your thoughts with us using the comments Box.
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🔻 Download Jumia One App From The Link Above 👆

🔻 Register Simply By Inputting Your Number/Email Address Into The Space Required For Registration On The Application After Downloading & Wait For A Confirmation OTP Message.

🔻 After Registering Recharge A Small Token 50# Through The Application Via Purchasing With Your Credit Card, A Sum Of 500 Would Be Awarded To You Afterwards, That's It :)

And also Enjoy 20% cashback on your first transaction when you enter the code WELCOME20. 

Invite Friends & Family. For Everyone Invited 500# Would Be Given Each. Enjoy While It Last :)

Enjoy your awoof Airtime don't be a stringy person share these great offer with your friends and families. 
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How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Your Pc

How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Your Pc

 How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Your Pc. 
How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Your Pc

💢Method 1. Clean up and remove Shortcut Virus by CMD. 

Before we proceed I will like us to know what CMD(Command Prompt)  means .

What is CMD (Command Prompt) ?
According to Wikipedia :CMD, cmd or cmd.exe, also known as Command Prompt, is the command-line interpreter in the OS/2, eComStation, Windows NT, Windows CE, and ReactOS operating systems. It is the counterpart of COMMAND.COM in DOS and Windows 9x systems, and analogous to the Unix shells used on Unix-like systems. 

So let proceed 
Procedures on How to Clean up and remove Shortcut Virus by CMD

1. Click on Start and select Run;

2. Type: CMD and hit Enter to open Command Prompt;

3. Type the drive letter of your hard drive partition in PC or USB flash drive and hit Enter; (G for example.)

4. Type: attrib g:*.* /d /s -h -r -s and hit Enter.

You’ll be able to see your files and data on Windows PC or USB flash drive now.

💢Method 2. Cleanup Shortcut Virus with Shortcut Virus Remover or Anti-virus Software

If you need a double guarantee, you can download and install anti-virus software to clean up all shortcut virus from Windows 10/8/7 computer and USB etc external storage devices. Here below you’ll see a list of anti-virus software and tools and you can selectively choose one to try:

Trojan Removal Tool;

Shortcut virus fixfolder;

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, etc.

💢 Method 3. Delete/Wipe Shortcut Virus from Registry

1. Press Win+R and type: regedit to enter the registry;

2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Click on Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Click Run;

3. Press Win + R, type: msconfig > Click OK;

4. In Startup, uncheck everything except for the anti-virus software.

5. Click OK > Click Restart now.

💢Method 4 :- Remove It By .bat File

open notepad

copy & paste below given code

@echo off

attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Name_Drive:*.*

attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Name_Drive:*.*

attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Name_Drive:*.*

save the file with removevirus.bat

Now replace the Name_drive with infected drive name , if you have more than 3 drive simply copy and paste the command.

Now simply close the file and run it.

Once everything done …remove filefrom drive and folder too.

That All Hope it helpful Remember to always share your thought with us using the comments box thanks .
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To make these work for you Just follow the simple tweak/steps steps below..,


1.Download and Install Swoff 351 exe file from our telegram channel view here in your PC 
2. Open the exe 

Then you will see a new icon in ur system like the shutdown icon. 

3. Click on the icon and tick the options there according to your need like Force shutdown should be enabled.

4. Now right click on shutdown icon and click on OPTION and there click on REMOTE section there. Now click on
Edit Web interface Settings

5. There enable Web interface and remain the Authentication unchecked (remove tick)  and click on apply button.

6. Now click on view / update static addresses and note down the Shutdown URL there and for the easy interface, you can bookmark this URL in Your Mobile . Now double click on shutdown icon in system tray and enable task

7. Now open the URL in your mobile and you will see the interface like below

8. Now you can click on shutdown button to shut down your computer.

That's all you can shutdown your system with your phone anywhere you here Enjoy hope it work for you. 
Always Remember to share your thoughts with us by using the comments box thanks 
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How to lock and unlock your pc with USB drive like a hacker

How to lock and unlock your pc with USB drive like a hacker

How to lock and unlock your pc with USB drive like a hacker
How to lock and unlock your pc with USB drive like a hacker

CAUTION⚠️: Anyone who attempts to access your computer without the USB flash drive will be hit with an epic “Access Denied” message

To get started, follow the guide Below:


Step 1: Download and install Predator here
Or you Get it download straight from our telegram channel by clicking here

Step 2: Once Predator launches, plug in your USB flash drive. None of the contents of the drive will be deleted or altered in any way, so feel free to use your primary thumbdrive.

When you insert the drive, a dialog box will appear asking you to create a password. Click OK to continue.

Step 3: In the Preferences window, take note of a few key settings. First, enter a secure, unique password in the “New password” field. If you lose your USB drive, you’ll use it to unlock your computer.

If you’d like, you can check the Always Required box and you’ll be asked to enter the password each time you use your thumbdrive to unlock your PC.

Finally, in the section under Flash Drives, ensure that the correct USB flash drive is selected. When you’re done, click Create key and then OK.

Step 4: Predator will exit. When it does, click the Predator icon in the taskbar to restart the program. A few seconds later, the icon will turn green, alerting you that Predator is running.

Every 30 seconds, Predator will check to see that your USB drive is plugged in. If it isn’t, your computer will dim and lock down.☠

That All hope it work for you, Remember to always share your thoughts with us, Share our articles with your friends join our telegram channel for fast updates on our post view below link 🔗 Thanks 
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